Fibre Optical S/PDIF Bluetooth Transmitter Receiver 2in1 Support Dual Connection

Features Introduction

Multifunctional In One: The Bluetooth transmitter and receiver in one, supports SPDIF, AUX, RCA. It is compatible with 99% of the TVs on the market, you can add the bluetooth adapter to TV, and connect headphones, airpods, wireless earbuds, speaker etc to TV.

Dual Connection and Automatic Reconnection: In TX mode, two Bluetooth headsets/speaker can be paired at the same time, so you can enjoy your own world and does not affect the rest of the family.

HD + Low Latency: The Bluetooth transceiver uses the aptX low-delay technology in both modes, which can reduce the audio delay below 40 ms, almost no lag. This allows you to enjoy high-quality audio in sync with the video.
(Note: your Bluetooth headphones or speakers must also support aptX LL / aptX.)

LED Indicator State: The indicator design allows you to clearly identify the content and connection mode, making it more convenient for you to use.
Built-in battery 300mAh battery, charging about 1.5 hours can be as long as 7-8 hours of working time.


Model: ZF-380 
Interface type: 3.5mm AUX + optical fiber
Bluetooth protocol: AVRCP, A2DP
Bluetooth version: 5.0
Built-in battery: 3.7V 300mAh
Multi-point connection: one for two
Transmission distance: 10M (barrier-free)
Frequency range: 2.402GHz-2.480GHz
Product size: 64.5x64.5x18mm
Net weight/Gross weight: 48g/158g
Packing size: 120x100x54mm

Package list

1 X Bluetooth Adapter
1 X Digital Fiber optical cable
1 X USB Mirco cable
1 X 3.5MM AUX cable
1 X AUC to RCA cable
1 X User Manual

For exmple
How to add a Bluetooth transmitter to the TV?

Usage Instructions

  • Use fiber optic cable or AUX cable to connect the device,and then select the mode you need,TX Mode or RX Mode.

(Above operations need to switch the button to the corresponding mode).

  • Press and hold the power button for about 5 seconds to turn on the device, the blue light flashes slowly,
  • Wait for 10 seconds and then the blue light flashes quickly, indicating that the device has been turned on normally and is in the pairing mode.


  • Mode Switching

A:RX Mode
Open The Device Bluetooth Settings-Search For "ZF-380"-Click Connect-Paired Successfully.
B:TX Mode
Turn on the Bluetooth earphone or Bluetooth speaker and enter the pairing state,
then the product will automatically connect with them.

  • After successful pairing, the blue light is always on and you can enjoy it.


LED Iindicator Status Description
Search for connected devices Blue light flashes slowly
Pairing mode Blue light flashes quickly
Successfully connected to the first device Blue light is always on
Search for the second device Blue light is always on, red light is flashing fast
Successfully connected to the second device Blue light and red light are always on (Purple)
low power Red light flashes at intervals
Charging Red light is always on
Finished charging Red light off


Customer Reviews

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Seller Recommendation

ZT380 is a bluetooth adapter which integrates transmitting and receiving, Supports optical S/PDIF interface and AUX interface, In transmitter mode supports dual connection , can connect two bluetooth headsets or speakers at the same time, Bluetooth 5.0 and low latency, built-in DSP, HiFi stereo, Suitable for TV, PC, sound bar, PS4 and other devices.

Cecelia Littel

This interface (in TX mode) allows you to connect a bluetooth headset to a TV using the SPDIF optical audio output. We thus obtain two independent audio outputs: - TV sound can be adjusted with the remote control - The sound of the headphones can be adjusted with the + and - buttons on the headphones Do not use the TV's output jack as it cuts off the speakers of the TV. Good product - good vendor

Nelle Rutherford

It came quickly, it very useful, good quality, powerful function

Zoe Wolff

Everything is great. Look cool.

Chase Carter

Good product. We can connect 2 devices at a time. Latency is very low but depends on the devices used.